The Secret Garden Ministries

Healing, Empowering and Restoring those who have experienced abortion.

"Forgiven and Set Free"

Whatever the reason for her abortion, a woman may suffer emotional pain, guilt trauma and depression. The intensity differs with each person as well as the woman's response to her pain. Secret Garden Ministries offers a Bible study entitled: "Forgiven and Set Free" by Linda Cochrane. During this group study participants are guided on a journey of healing, forgiveness, grief, acceptance and restoration. The group sessions are private and confidential. They are led by trained post-abortion counselors and offer a safe place to share and talk.


Alpha's Glory Pregnancy Center, 219 West Bel Air Ave, Suite 3, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001


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About Us:

Secret Garden Ministries seeks to help women who have experienced abortion to have a life of purpose, joy, freedom and peace. Healing comes through forgiveness. Empowering comes by knowing your true identity in Christ. Restoring comes from the grace and mercy of Almighty God.

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