Sexual Healing:

Why is it that we know we were made for something wonderful and beautiful—a real love story—but often find ourselves stuck cleaning up after others’ mistakes and our own bad choices? It may be because, like Cinderella, we had our own version of a “wicked stepmother” who told us we weren't valuable or beautiful—that we weren’t good enough for the prince—and we believed it. We behave like Cinderella, sitting in the ashes, hoping for someone to tell us we belong in a better story.

There is good news. We do belong in a better story. As women, we are created to love, to give life, and to have real joy. We are designed to reveal our true beauty inside and out. We have true value. We are meant to be whole. We can feel good about ourselves. Most importantly, we have the power to fulfill our dream of a beautiful love story—the one where we find true love that lasts forever. The one with the happy ending. The key is making sexual choices that will keep us whole.

Our sexuality is more than “sex”. It is nothing less than our feminine nature itself—a unique thread, woven throughout each part of our lives, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual. It is only when we express our sexuality appropriately—in light of all the areas of our lives—that we become healthy whole, empowered women. When we live this way, we are living with sexual integrity.

Finding peace and true happiness and holding onto it is the focus of this 15 week study. Meet one on one with a mentor to discuss: What it means to be a person, and the gift of love and sexuality. Freedom to be successful and why a loving God would allow suffering.